We are Amanda and Chris Armbrust and we are a local Gilbert family of 5.  The Slumber Shack idea came after hosting a slumber party, for our then 9 year old daughter.  We were struggling to find space to entertain and sleep all the kids without having them take over our entire house. We wanted to provide a fun, hang out area of their own, while still being able to supervise and provide a comfortable sleeping set up.  The thought of a mobile slumber party area came to mind and we thought other parents would like the convenience and kids would like the fun set up.  


We purchased a travel trailer and completely renovated it with lots of paint, updated fixtures and built enough bunks and beds to sleep up to 10 people.  We added a bigger flat screen TV, Bluetooth stereo, DVD player, gaming console hookups, tablets filled with group playing and individual apps, party lighting, a disco light and a karaoke microphone to keep the kids entertained. 

What started as a unique idea for kid's sleepover parties, became popular with adults wanting a quick getaway with their close friends and family by booking The Slumber Shack for glamping (glamorous camping, or what we like to say just more comfortable camping) trips.  Brides started inquiring to use The Slumber Shack as an alternative to a kids' table at their reception, wanting to give the young wedding guests a place to hang out at their outdoor wedding venues. Customers also started booking for out of town guests they didn't quite have room for.  They liked the convenience of having them have overnight accommodations just outside their door.


We are currently renovating another trailer and we also have other exciting future projects we hope to start on after this renovation.   

The whole idea is based around fun. We really try to keep our guests in mind and are constantly adding new things.  It takes a lot of work to get everything ready and set everything up for each customer, but when we open the door and the kids (and parents) run in a get the biggest smiles on their faces and get so excited, it is all worth it.  It makes all the hard work pay off to see how happy they get when they see their little hangout area for their special event.

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Unique mobile accommodations for up to 10 of your friends, perfect for slumber parties, girls getaways, guys retreats, family camping, scouts, birthday parties az and more!